Meet the crowd.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

WiPass is a Barcelona-based technology company that was born with the aim of making our life easier. After realizing how annoying is to ask and type the Wi-Fi password, we thought about new ways where accessing to the Wi-Fi network could turn out in an easy and intuitive way, providing a solution for homes and businesses that allows them to innovate and prosper.

At WiPass we are passionate about the world of new technologies and everything related to the future of Smart Cities. We are a team specialized in different subjects but with a unique goal: to change the world to a more connected and innovative society. 

Mariam Ayadi

CEO & Founder

Nil Mandri

CTO & Co-Founder

Building the next WiFi solution. 

software development

Creating the frontend experience our customers like. 

Sergi Obiols

Technical Director

Jie Cheng

Product Developer
product development

Making sure that we bring the quality our customers deserve. 


Aiming to create the funniest communication. 

Laura Martin

Marketing & Communication

Mireia Garriga

Marketing & Communication

Claudia Nuñez

Marketing & Communication

Anna Calderon

Marketing & Communication

Laia Garcia

Marketing & Communication

We are always looking for awesome people.

Those who share our values, disciplines and sense of life.

We create possibilities for a better connected world.

You can visit us at:
32, Ernest Lluch Street, 08302, Mataró, Barcelona, Spain

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